What to Show and Tell an Astute Buyer When They Are Viewing Your Property? – Part 2


In the first part of this two part series we looked at the five key things an astute property buyer looks for when viewing a property to rent or buy. In this the second part we look from a vendor perspective as to what you should show and tell a prospective buyer when they visit your property.


1.Information a buyer or tenant may wish to know - A prospective buyer may well see potential and areas of improvement they would consider doing to a property very quickly, but having lived in a property for a period of time, there may be better alternatives to consider. If a vendor can give guidance and point out the potential, this can be enormously helpful.

2.A change in lifestyle - Some buyers are looking for a lifestyle as much as a home. If a buyer or vendor can see how you live it may influence how they too would settle and live in the property. Alfresco dining, aperitifs on the patio, informal suppers at the kitchen table and even ease of garden management are all aspirational lifestyle changes for some people.

3.Reasons for moving - Buyers and tenants are always interested, intrigued, nosy and sometimes inquisitive to know why people are moving. A tricky question and regularly contrary! Some examples:

- An elderly client looking towards buying doesn’t need to hear that someone is moving to down size as the property is too big and high on maintenance.
- We want to be closer to the shops and facilities / we feel vulnerable and too remote!
- The cellar floods every year so we wish to move!
- Noisy neighbours.

4.Added value - Buyers and tenants like to understand and know how they can create added value and create living space to their homes. An effective way to demonstrate how a property might work for them without the expense of carrying out any structural work is to produce a list of options that demonstrates and highlights the possible options, information buyers always welcome.

5.Outdoor living & space - The patio, balcony and/or garden can be one of the most vital areas people look at when viewing a potential property particularly when children are involved. A neatly kept garden or patio space safe for children to play and that can be used is essential to many families.

A dash of colour will certainly influence many would-be buyers or tenants.

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Family Relocation Hampshire
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