Are you owned or linked to any estate agency or financial institution?

No, we are an independent home buying consultancy, able to give independent impartial professional advice, working solely for the buyer.

How long does the process of finding and acquiring a property take?

If the property is currently on the market we will probably already know about it.

One of the advantages of looking to buy property using a home buying consultancy is that we are continually in touch with the market. Therefore many clients enjoy the immediacy of instant knowledge of property availability.

From the time an offer is accepted the transaction of a contract can be very quick from a couple of hours, to days or weeks. However, it’s the finding the right property that may take the time particularly if the brief is very specific.

Do you just depend on Estate Agents to give you property details?

The issue is not how, but when do we hear about potential properties. Through advertising, press releases and ex-clients, we are frequently contacted by people who are planning on selling their property. Many selling agents inform us of properties before photographs, floor plans and written details are available.

I have already identified a property that I wish to buy. Would you be willing to act and negotiate on my behalf ? And what would you charge me?

There are many examples of people who did not realise that buying agents and our service exists. In fact some selling agents expect buyers to be represented by a buying agent, particularly when purchasing larger, high value properties.

We have frequently acted for clients who have identified a suitable property. In this instance, we tailor our service and fee structure with the level of work undertaken. Our quoted fee for this service would normally be 1% of the eventual purchase price.

Do you just buy large country houses and estates?

We are delighted to represent buyers covering the whole market. We extensively cover the whole range and styles of the property market and across the entire range of values.

Do you find rental property?

We have extensive knowledge of the rental market and understand that high quality rentals move extremely quickly, Premier Property Search are frequently retained to find and secure rental properties, we act for both private and corporate clients.

Can you advise me about current and future local planning issues?

As part of the buying process, we assess all aspects of any property when viewing and considering its potential for our clients. We take into account work that has already been carried out at the property.  We do have knowledge of local and regional short, medium and long term planning issues. But, if we feel more detail is required we will know the appropriate person to contact.

How do you get to know about the properties?

Estate Agents know that if a purchaser has taken the time to use a home buying consultancy like us, they will be committed and therefore will be taken seriously as a potential purchaser.

Over 65% of properties we have purchased for clients during the last three years have been secured before agents have actively marketed.

Why are you more likely to negotiate a better deal than I am?

During the past 25 years we have kept detailed records of houses and their selling prices. We can therefore refer to these records and advise our clients of other comparable properties and what they sold for.

We have a close working and professional relationship with selling agents and often, get the "inside track" particularly during the bidding process.

How do you deal with two clients looking for the same property?

We only work for a limited number of clients at any one time. It is essential that we do not have a conflict of interest with more than one client looking for the same or similar property.

How can you save me time and money?

Our aim is to find the right house, in the right location, at the right price. Through our in-depth knowledge of the market and well developed negotiating skills, we aim to secure your property on the best possible terms.

Are you able to offer advice and assistance with securing school places?

Yes, we can offer educational consultants assistance at whatever level required, helping parents with the choices available and with their final decisions.

Family Relocation Hampshire
Family Relocation Hampshire
Mark and Jane Carter

It's hard to overestimate how much you have done for us. The difference you have made to our start back in the UK is immense.

Family Home Hampshire
Family Home Hampshire
Adam & Tabitha Jay

We would heartily recommend Premier Property Search and I am happy to chat to anyone thinking of using their services.

Land for Development
Land for Development
Andrew & Veronica Fernando

We were somewhat sceptical of achieving our aim in such a competitive market

London Family Home
London Family Home
Mark and Michelle Whitfeld

Off market London purchase for a growing family.