What Does a Property Buyer Look For When Viewing a Property to Rent or Buy? - Part 1

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The old ‘adage’ for a vendor or landlord to pop a pot of coffee on the stove or have the aroma of cakes or bread baking is old-hat nowadays but will this influence or persuade the buyer or future tenant?

In this the first part of a two part series we explore what some property buyers look for when looking for a property to rent or buy.

1. Presentation - From the moment the property buyer or tenant sees the property from the outside an immediate impression is created; even before the front door is opened. Whether it is the fresh gravel on the drive way, newly potted plant tubs at the door or simply everything being neat and organised around the entrance to a property, it will all be noticed.

The moment the front door is opened within a few minutes a property buyer or tenant will form an opinion as to whether this is the right property or not. So first impressions count for everything.


2. First impressions - Property buyers often comment about how tidy and clean a property is presented (or not); certainly it is noticeable and often commented upon if a property is dirty and unloved and this is an immediate turnoff. A well lived-in, happy home can be spotted immediately so any effort will be rewarded and the attitude to a buyer wanting to continue with a viewing will be obvious.

Be warned though, as a property buyer or tenant is viewing a property to critique and see how suitable and affordable the property is for their own purposes, many will smell if the property has recently been painted and raise the question as to what the vendors are hiding. If all the lights are turned on, is there a problem with not having sufficient natural light?


3. Maintenance & Repairs - All property buyers and tenants will notice if the property would benefit from some basic DIY and maintenance. So if there are weeds in the drive, a light bulb that has blown, or even more critically they notice a crack in the plasterwork or water mark on the ceiling, a buyer will see it! This may be one of the reasons why a buyer or tenant chooses not to make an offer on the property.


4. Owners and their Pets - Should you or your pet be at home during a viewing? Of course  there are some pets that have to be at home and there are times when a property buyer enjoys meeting a friendly cat or dog. However, a property that smells of pets and a smelly pet can be a real turn-off for some viewers. Where possible open the windows!

Some owners are incredibly helpful when at home when a viewing takes place. However, they can be intrusive and many have been a ‘sales prevention’ officer at times. It is all about getting the right balance.


5. Room proportions and space - Prospective buyers and tenants are all influenced by the size of the rooms, natural light and space both to live and store their possessions.

People with large pieces of furniture, copious amount of books, memorabilia or wall mounted pictures imagine where their furniture and personal possessions will go. Before a property is marketed, consider de-cluttering and get organised as this will not only appeal to a buyer but may be the one difference that seals the deal.

In Part II we will look at five other areas a property buyer takes interest in, such as the real reasons for the vendor wanting to move!

If you are looking to purchase a new property in the coming months and need help identifying areas to live within your price bracket, please contact Nigel Sellers on +44 (0) 1962 793100 or email: enquiries@premier-propertysearch.co.uk.

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