Valentine inspired street names

Recent research has revealed that almost 244,000 of Britain’s street and house names are inspired by romance or love.

Valentine inspired street names

Analysis of Royal Mail Address Management Unit Database, which covers over 30 million addresses, has found 1,198 separate towns and cities around the UK are home to at least one Valentine-themed address.

Unsurprisingly, Rose came top for both street and house names – it features on street signs in 1,303 postcodes and over 17,000 house names – and there are actually over 10,000 separate Rose Cottages across the country.

But what other names are popular? Love, Honey, Valentine and Darling also prove to be favourites.

  1. Valentine Road, Hackney, London

    London is full of romantic places, but none quite so romantic as Hackney’s Valentine Road. For more Valentine’s fun, take your date to The Clapton Hart Pub, home to all sorts of fantastic pub fair.

  2. Kissing Gate, Hull

    This Victorian whaling town is known for its city hall and maritime buildings. Hull was also named the UK City of Culture for 2017. Kissing Gate is the perfect place to take a romantic walk (and steal a kiss, too)!

  3. Bleeding Heart Court, Farringdon, London

    A romantic name with a not-so-romantic back-story – though this Farringdon Street got its name following a brutal murder, it is now home to some of the chicest and most romantic French bistros. Check out the Bleeding Heart Restaurant (named the most romantic restaurant in London by The Times) for a meal before having a wander through the area.

  4. Kissing Tree Lane, Stratford Upon Avon

    Stratford Upon Avon is known for being the birthplace of William Shakespeare, noted playwright of some of the best love stories of all time. Would Romeo and Juliet have shared a kiss on Kissing Tree Lane?

  5. Dear Love Gate, Lincolnshire

    Just like the beginning of a love letter, this sweet street in Lincolnshire is short but sweet. Spend your Valentine’s Day wandering this beautiful part of the English countryside.

  6. Lovelace Avenue, Solihull

    This charming avenue is located in Solihull, a stone’s throw from one of the largest cities in the UK. Don’t let that fool you, though. Homes in this area are expensive, but love is priceless!

  7. Cupid’s Chase, Essex

    With its close proximity to London and excellent attractions, Essex is becoming more and more popular. With romantic scenes like Audley End House and Hylands House, it’s not hard to see how a romantic street name like Cupid’s Chase found its way there.

  8. Date Street, London

    Located just a few minutes’ walk from Covent Garden, the market stalls and festival atmosphere of this lovely street are sure to put you in a sentimental mood

  9. Hug Bridge, Macclesfield

    The lovely Hug Bridge in Macclesfield is a testament to a time gone by, with a stunning brick archway and a stream running softly through. It’s the perfect place to spend a romantic, rural Valentine’s Day.

  10. Bride Street, Liverpool

    Are you looking for a place to tie the knot (or to just have a few romantic hours)? Bride Street in Liverpool might be just the one.

Take a look at the nation's top 10 romantic street and house names below:

House Name

Rose: 17,456

Dove: 1,572

Honey: 582

Valentine: 529

Flower: 218

Heart: 205

Bliss: 210

Darling: 98

Love: 98

Street Name

Rose: 1,303

Love: 334

Dove: 302

Honey: 172

Sweet: 89

Flower: 64

Lover: 52

Lovers: 48

Bliss: 29

Royal Mail Reports:

'Delivering mail to over 30 million addresses, six days a week, gives us an unparalleled view of romantic street names across the UK,' said Steve Rooney, head of Royal Mail's Address Management Unit.

It turns out the North West is officially the nation's most passionate region, with 850 street and house names dotted across the area, from Rose Hill in Liverpool to Lovers Lane in Manchester.

The Midlands closely follow with 450 street and house names including Love Lane in Birmingham and Dove Bank in Derbyshire.

Meanwhile, Scotland proves to be one of the UK's most wildly romantic areas, with over 350 related addresses including Edinburgh's Rose Street, St Valentine Terrace in Glasgow and 40 separate Rose Cottages.

'We already knew that love has inspired countless selfless acts and works of art over the years; but little did we know the extent of its influence on our street and house names, too,' added Rooney.

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