University cities such as Oxford, Guildford and Winchester are among the least affordable places to live

According to a recent study of the least affordable places to live, Oxford, Guildford and Winchester are again high on the list, as are several other University Cities.

On average both tenants and home owners can expect to spend 32.9% of their income on rent or mortgages. This new study compared average advertised salaries with average rental figures across the UK to formulate the latest lists of the most and least affordable places for renters to live.

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London, as expected, is top of the list and there are some other familiar towns and cities where employees can expect to spend the largest proportion of their salaries on a place to live.

  1. London 40.8%

  2. Oxford 39.1%

  3. Wirral 37.25%

  4. Brighton 36.6%

  5. Guildford 36.4%

  6. Milton Keynes 35.4%

  7. Chichester 33.4%

  8. Winchester 32.9%

  9. Edinburgh 27.6%

  10. High Wycombe 27.1%

The study assumes that the cost of monthly rent is equally split between two people sharing a home.

The smallest proportion of people’s salaries spent on rent using the same criteria in towns and cities is equally fascinating with noticeably more northern cities making the top 10 list.

  1. Swindon 11.5%

  2. Bradford 11.8%

  3. Hull 11.9%

  4. Dudley 12.8%

  5. Durham 12.9%

  6. Stoke-on-Trent 13.6%

  7. Middlesbrough 14%

  8. = Rochdale 15%

    = Derby 15%

  9. Belfast 15.3%

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