The kitchen


Arguably the most important room in the house. Too often people find their ideal home but reject the house based on the kitchen not being modern enough or lacking a certain feature. However, if everything else with the property, particularly its location, is what you are looking for, then the kitchen should not necessarily be a stumbling block to your new home.

Changing the kitchen – its not as difficult as you think

Renewing a kitchen can be straightforward and simple if you approach things logically. Don’t get too carried away with the numerous catalogues and brochures that seduce you into buying kitchens which can often cost a fortune, you would be surprised how little some kitchens can cost.

The first thing to do is to settle on a ‘sensible and affordable budget’.

You will need to start by measuring your room before using an online planner to get some initial ideas and prices. Many kitchen showrooms will also provide a free planning service so give them a call as they may be happy to visit and give their time, advice and expertise.

The main essentials of a well-designed kitchen can soon add up so you may need to compromise a little. Go for the dream by all means, but once you have seen the final figure for your perfect kitchen be prepared to tailor the design to meet your budget.

Kitchens do not have to cost the earth

One way to save on the cost is to replace like for like. Think ‘un-plumb, re-plumb’. Use the existing drainage rather than moving a washing machine or dishwasher, which means there would be no need to change the drainage position. Also, if they are in the correct position for you, use the current switches and power points, again this will save on re-positioning and re-plastering.

A local carpenter could be an alternative to a kitchen supplier and sometimes a cheaper option to kitchens design shops. They will measure and order the carcass units for you and add the matching fronts. This can be a way to build and create a similar kitchen to one seen in a kitchen showroom.  If you’re a DIY expert, a cheaper option is flat pack units freeing up more money for you to spend on the appliances or the worktop. There are a range of DIY units and some which come as complete units as opposed to flat packs, although these are more expensive, they are strong, stable and they can be quite handsome looking.

If the above still proves to be too expensive you may find that by just replacing the doors to the units and perhaps the cooker will be sufficient to give your kitchen a new look for less expenditure.

Ideally, your dream home will come with the perfect kitchen but if it doesn’t it is not the end of the world. You may be able to take the cost of a new kitchen from your offer price, but usually this is only an option if the kitchen needs to be completely updated. Kitchens in good repair which are not to your taste will be harder to justify as a reason behind your reduced price for a property.

Premier Property Search will be able to advise you about making an offer and the possible options for upgrading a kitchen in the house you are viewing, as part of our service.

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Family Relocation Hampshire
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