Selecting a Solicitor when Purchasing a Property


Many people have never used, or had the need to use a solicitor prior to buying a property.

If you are moving from overseas you may have used alternatives to a solicitor, such as a “Settlement Agent”. It is essential that in the UK, a solicitor who specialises in residential property conveyancing is used by both the purchaser and seller to handle the necessary legal work properly.

Using a “common sense” attitude to selecting a solicitor to handle the legal work for your transaction will be a good starting point.


Select the Right Solicitor for You

It is important that you select the right type of solicitor, as well as the most appropriate one, to help your property purchase progress as efficiently as possible. If your family already uses a law firm for other reasons they may seem like the natural first choice. However, you will need to have a solicitor who is a specialist in property conveyancing rather than one that specialises in divorce or litigation.

If you are moving into a new area, it is wise to use a solicitor that is familiar with it. They will have the advantage of having local knowledge about the area you intend living and buying into, which is invaluable for a proper understanding of local development and planning policies as well as transport issues. The former is especially important should you intend to alter, refurbish or extend your property in the future.


When Do You Need a Solicitor?

Soon after your offer to buy a property has been accepted by the vendors (sellers), the selling agent will probably ask you for the name and contact details of your solicitor.

To make the process run as smoothly and efficiently as possible it is a good idea to have a solicitor in place, awaiting your instructions or at the very least for you to know which solicitor you are going to ask to represent you.

There are definite advantages to appointing the right legal firm to assist you in the legal process of buying your property. It therefore makes sense to have decided upon your solicitor as early in the process as possible, rather than rushing to appoint the first one you come across.

When you use a Property Consultant we will help you through this process, should you need additional help. We will also advise you about appointing a surveyor as well as understanding the costs associated with purchasing a property.


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