How to Choose the Best Fireplace for Your Home

A fireplace is a great way to add interest, appeal and warmth to your home. If you have the room and want one, they are a lovely form of decoration that will last for years and add incredible timeless beauty to a room. But how do you know which fireplace is for you? With so many options to choose from, you might not know what you want, or even what’s best for your home.


Electric Fires

Electric fires are the safest type of fireplace because they don’t use an actual fire. While they aren’t quite as nice, you won’t have to install a chimney or worry about cleaning one and you will never have to stay up because your fire is still burning. They’re also usually a great deal more affordable than many other fireplace options.

Wood Burning Fireplaces

For anyone looking for the large and the grand, wood burning fireplaces are the way to go. Depending on your budget, wood fireplaces will be large or small but can usually be installed directly into a pre-existing firebox or into a chimney. These do have the largest safety risk, require the most maintenance but are definitely the most rewarding. A wood burning fireplace should be available in various materials including marble and slate.

Bio-Ethanol Fireplace

If you want a cheap alternative to a wood burning fireplace but don’t want to go with electric, bio-ethanol is a great choice. Usually the fireplace will look real and you will have actual, real fire without having to clean up ash. Ethanol can be purchased as liquid or gel but usually the gel smells less and burns longer.

Gas Fires

Looking for a virtually maintenance free fireplace with a real fire? Gas fires make excellent fireplaces because once you hook them up to your gas lines; you can have a fire whenever you want without worrying about re-filling the fuel or cleaning up after the fire. Best of all, gas fireplaces are still real fire, meaning you will get all of the warmth and beauty of a traditional fireplace without the mess.

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