Children, car keys and house viewings


Accompanying clients to viewings of high-quality houses comes with its share of challenges and some incidents are quite memorable…

The car was worth a packet

Keys are an essential part of the property world, they not only open doors but they also start cars. One weekend we were showing a delightful family around three quite substantial properties in quick succession. We came out of the first house to round up the children, who had been running around in the gardens of the property.  The husband went to the car where he had left the keys in the ignition, but they were no longer there...

Various members of the party were dispatched to search the house, rummage through the car and scan the area where they thought the children had been playing. Eventually, as time was pressing for us to reach the next timed appointment, we had to split-up and take half of the family on to further viewings while the father was left hunting for the car keys.

When he caught up with us, he explained that the car keys had been found in an empty crisp packet on the back seat of the car, pointing the finger of blame clearly at the children…

The car is not a play-pen

Fathers have been known to bribe their offspring when viewing houses; particularly sons who have a keen interest in cars. Some fathers have even put their bored offspring behind the steering-wheels of their cars in order to keep them amused so that the parents can view a property in peace.

We advise against this practice as modern technology means children can and have locked themselves in the car at the push of a button.  On one particular occasion, we arrived in three separate cars for a viewing, filling the driveway with the last to arrive being our client.

After the viewing, our clients returned to his car to find their son playing in the driver’s seat pretending to be Lewis Hamilton. To his dismay the car was locked from the inside!  Their son was not interested in opening the car doors and carried on with his pretend Grand Prix.

The parents undertook a considerable amount of gentle verbal persuasion and offers of bribes; the rest of the group felt it best to retreat for a cup of tea whilst leaving the parents to their negotiations. The anguished look on the father’s face will remain with us and with the family for years to come.

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