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Welcome to Premier Property Search

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Professional Knowledge, Professional Service

With Premier Property Search your needs are our priority. Whether you are relocating to the UK and looking for a property search and relocation agent or a private client needing a property search agent to find the right home for your family, you will find at Premier Property Search a service that will exceed your expectations.

Our independence is fundamental to the quality and integrity of the service we offer.

You need the assurance that your property search and relocation agent understands the intricacies of the property market so they can make securing a new home as stress free and seamless as possible. Our experience of handling hundreds of property moves for clients, coupled with our knowledge and network of property professionals, is your guarantee that Premier Property Search offers the high quality, personalised residential property search service that you require. 

Who can benefit from using a Property Search Agent?

In a nutshell individual or private clients who do not have the time, resources or knowledge of the area they are moving to. In addition corporate or business clients who need to relocate employees but do not want to use up valuable HR time, or want to outsource the whole relocation process. Anyone who believes that they could benefit from having a dedicated and experienced property search agent working for them.


Why use Premier Property Search?

Because you are discerning, expect a high quality of service but still want personal attention – take a look at our Case Studies to discover more. Finding properties that are; period, special, complex or unique in nature is all part of what our residential property search service can do. Having many years of experience as property consultants, our large array of contacts and inside knowledge means we can secure your new property at the right price.


We will negotiate the best possible deal

For over 25 years we have helped individual or private clients save time and money - and reduce stress levels - by finding the property they want to buy or rent and negotiating a realistic price. 

Satisfying yours and the sellers’ (vendors) / landlords’ expectations involves many factors, including money and emotions. By using an experienced property search and negotiation consultant or rent negotiator (broker) at the financial negotiation stage you will have access to a professional whose understanding of your brief and budget will help you achieve the best possible deal.

Save money and reduce stress using a professional property negotiator

As experienced property search, relocation consultants and skilled property negotiators, we have saved our clients significant sums of money over the years through our negotiation skills. If our clients are buying we aim to negotiate the best price and if renting a property, we will aim to negotiate to achieve the best price and terms of a tenancy agreement. 

Having many years of experience and knowing the current prices in the property market are the keys to successful property negotiations, whether you are purchasing a property or renting your home.

Have confidence that you are paying the right and fair price by letting a professional property negotiator work on your behalf. People naturally become emotionally involved when selling or purchasing a home and a lifestyle. By using a professional and experienced property negotiator your transaction will be handled as a business deal so the vendor and their agency know you mean business, ensuring that you purchase your new home for the best possible price, presuming the vendors are being realistic, which is not always the case.

Click here to download the full Brochure
View our brochure

Latest News

  • "I need to land my Tiger Moth!" and other unusual house buying requests

    Unusual requests are par for the course at Premier Property Search and we are familiar with fulfilling any type of requirement. However the most flamboyant request came from a client with a Tiger Moth aeroplane who needed a country house with a landing strip!

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  • Stamp of approval

    As a property acquisition consultancy, we are frequently asked by our clients to recommend a professional solicitor to act for them. Guy Hurst from Eric Robinson solicitors is one of a number that we feel comfortable in recommending and he recently wrote the following very interesting article on SDLT.  

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  • 25 Years of Property Search

    PRESS RELEASE: Nigel and Barbara Sellers, the principle directors of Premier Property Search and Premier Corporate Relocation Services, are celebrating 25 years of providing an integrated property search and corporate relocation service.

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  • Selling your property ‘off market’!

    More and more owners of properties that wish to sell, choose not to openly market their homes with estate agents.  Their preference for ‘off market’ - not actively marketing the property through the normal methods -  can sometimes prove very successful

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  • Top 10 houses in winter scenes

    Winter is well and truly here, and us Brits just revel in an opportunity to talk about the weather, particularly when it is as beautiful as the sunshine on frost has been recently. 

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  • 2016 property market review

    On reflection, the residential property market in 2016 has been like no other year!  

    It was always destined to be difficult following the announcement by the Government that there was to be a referendum to stay in, or opt out of the EU. 

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  • Five steps to make your home winter ready

    Its getting really cold now and all predictions point to the coldest winter in 5 years. There are some essential steps that should be taken now to avoid finding problems later on. 

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  • Focus on Winchester and the surrounding villages

    Winchester is a vibrant heritage destination just an hour south west of London, with fabulous attractions and beautiful architecture. The city has a magnificent Cathedral, award-winning pubs and restaurants and a tempting array of independent shops. This culturally rich medieval city is surrounded by idyllic Hampshire villages and the fabulous rolling countryside of the South Downs National Park. 

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  • Barn conversions

    Barn conversions have continued to become very popular, principally for their open plan living style combined with their countryside setting, a common consequence of their former use. Besides wooden features or beautiful brickwork they usually have vaulted ceilings, which give a lovely sense of space inside.

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  • Check the length of your lease

    If you own or are considering purchasing a flat as a second home, it may well be a leasehold property. If it is, the inherent value of the flat is linked to the length of its lease. This is an area which many fail to appreciate until they come to sell, often finding out the hard way that they should have tackled the issue proactively.

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  • The kitchen

    Arguably the most important room in the house. Too often people find their ideal home but reject the house based on the kitchen not being modern enough or lacking a certain feature. However, if everything else with the property, particularly its location, is what you are looking for, then the kitchen should not necessarily be a stumbling block to your new home.

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  • Is there a higher demand for properties near the best private and state Schools?

    Ringing school bells across the country signal the start of another academic year. For many parents, when planning on purchasing or renting a property, living near to a good school is one of the most important factors. 

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  • 2016 Autumn Property Market Update

    Brexit will long be remembered for the arguments, the lies, debates and the many false promises; paradoxically this was just the actions and behaviour between Ministers of the UK Government and MEP’s. 

    For the optimistic, positive and forward thinking, let’s get on with the exit and make the best of it! We now need to rebuild confidence and stability. 

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  • Is adding a tennis court to your home a good investment?

    If you have, or are thinking about buying a property which has room for a tennis court you may be wondering if it is a wise investment.

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  • Buying a plot of land

    For many, trying to find and buy your perfect house to meet your exacting standards, specifications and aspirations can be a tough and time consuming job. Some people give up and try to find other methods or solutions to finding their perfect home, while others have a desire from the outset to take on a project and build something themselves.

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  • Will I be able to get an answer about planning permission before moving in?

    Following on from last week’s blog, you may have the vision and have found what you consider to be the ideal property, so now you want to negotiate the right price and make some changes.

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  • It would be my dream property if I could just...

    Buying a property for the majority is a stressful, nerve racking and intimidating experience. Finding a suitable property, handling the negotiation and then worrying about the legal conveyance process is time consuming and complex enough before you add to that the confusion and perplexity of adapting your ideal property to meet your needs and vision. 

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  • Renting a house in the UK: search advice

    You need to act quickly to secure the house you wish to rent, in the current climate. Demand for rental property is at an all-time high, especially for houses and apartments in London and the South East of England.

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  • Purchasing a Property: A list of costs to consider

    In the UK, the buyer is not responsible for paying the estate agent. The estate agent is working on behalf of the vendor to sell the property and is paid accordingly.

    As a buyer, you will need to pay the agreed negotiated price for the property to the vendor through your solicitors, whilst the vendor pays their own solicitors for professional fees and their selling agent a commission.

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  • Premier Property Search named as one of Eprivateclient’s Top 25 Residential Property Buyers for 2016

    For the 3rd year running, we are delighted to announce that Premier Property Search have been named as one of Eprivateclient’s 2016 Top 25 Residential property buyers.  This accolade, of being recognised as one of the best independent property search and buying companies in the UK, is judged by a panel of experts shortlisting more than 65 firms nationwide.

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  • EU predictions on the housing market

    On 23rd June the UK is set to go to the polls to decide on whether we want to remain part of the growing European Union. From a housing perspective, we believe a vote to leave can only have a negative impact on the private rental sector and the wider residential property market. 

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  • A flurry of activity to beat the Stamp Duty deadline date

    Whilst a number of estate agents are still waiting for the seasonal increase in activity to get going this Spring, Premier Property Search saw a flurry of activity towards the end of the first quarter.

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  • Does a swimming pool add value to your home?

    Clients who move from the suburbs of London, who have small gardens and sometimes only patios, see the grounds at some properties they are viewing and automatically plan to install a tennis court or a swimming pool.

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  • Selecting a Solicitor when Purchasing a Property

    Many people have never used, or had the need to use a solicitor prior to buying a property.

    If you are moving from overseas you may have used alternatives to a solicitor, such as a “Settlement Agent”. It is essential that in the UK, a solicitor who specialises in residential property conveyancing is used by both the purchaser and seller to handle the necessary legal work properly.

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  • The EU referendum and the UK Property Market

    The uncertainty of how the Yes vote or No vote could affect the residential property market is pure speculation at this early stage. However, some say it may lead to fewer residential transactions and could even have an impact on planned housing development schemes. 

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  • Things to consider when looking to purchase a listed property

    “Listed Property” means that the house is on the national register and classed as a property of architectural or historic importance.

    In simple terms your home is considered of special architectural or historic interest, the listing of which protects the whole of the building both inside and outside.

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  • How do you gain from a professional property acquisition negotiation service?

    One of the key services that Premier Property Search can perform on your behalf is the negotiation process. We have many years of experience negotiating fair prices and we can bring that experience and industry knowledge to bear on your behalf. 

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  • Helping private individuals and company employees find, negotiate and secure their new homes for over 20 years

    As we approach our 25th year in business we remain one of only a few companies in the UK who run both a property search and corporate relocation business. We are very proud to have helped and advised so many private individuals and families buy or rent properties over such a sustained and continuous period of time.

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  • Personal relationships - the key to finding your dream home before it comes on the open market.

    Whilst technology has radically changed the way properties are sourced, the same basic principles of how we ‘stay ahead of the market’ in identifying and finding those special 'off-market’ properties for our clients – that never make it onto Rightmove and – has fundamentally not changed.

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  • The impact of Osborne's 3% stamp duty increase on buy-to-let properties and second homes

    In his recent autumn statement, the Chancellor George Osborne announced that from April 2016 buyers of buy to let properties and second homes will have to pay an additional 3 per cent stamp duty.

    In the last three weeks since the announcement we have experienced a surge in enquiries from private clients trying to secure and invest their money before the April deadline.

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  • Property Negotiation: Case Study

    Often, the key to finding the right property is the timing. We make it our business to keep in touch with a network of property agents and many other property professionals on a regular basis. In this case study, the Williams Family fournd their dream Old Rectory home just hours before boarding a flight for Australia and they put their trust in us, Premier Property Search to undertake the consequent negotiation and secure the property on their behalf.

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  • Property valuation - Art or Science?

    For many years, property experts have believed that valuing a property is a formula including both science and art – as there are many factors that influence value which are quite complicated to measure and not at all scientific.

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  • To commute or not to commute?

    For many people, especially families who live and work in London, this is the key question to consider. The disruption to family life, the potential huge cost and effort that is involved weighed up against the potential benefits to be gained are major considerations with major implications.

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  • It's a Private Affair

    The press often take an interest in the top properties, particularly at a local level, and are keen to know who bought what property and for how much. It is therefore not surprising that both clients and vendors would rather keep their private lives private.

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  • The Benefits of Retaining a Property Search Agent

    We are often asked how we find and buy some of the best properties that are ostensibly never advertised. Over the last 25 years we have built a reputation for finding ‘off-market’ properties - to both buy and rent – through our network of contacts, experience and market knowledge. This white paper answers the key questions that our clients often ask us before deciding to retain our services in their hunt for a new home.

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  • The 2015 Autumn Statement from PPS

    Many of the top selling agents are being advised by their marketing and research teams that the residential property market across the majority of sectors is finally growing - or should we say ‘recovering’ - particularly in the more sought after areas where there is high demand for quality properties. 

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  • How is the new Stamp Duty Regime Impacting on the Market?

    Since our last blog about Stamp Duty in February, the changes to the bands announced in December have had a number of knock-on effects to the market.

    Robert Gardner, Nationwide's Chief Economist, said he has observed that, “stamp duty changes have reduced bunching at key price points.”

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  • Thinking outside the box to gather information on properties not yet on the open market

    For many years as property professionals we have often had to think outside the box when we are gathering information, particularly about properties we get to know about that are not yet on the open-market.

    Driving around country roads, peering into people’s entrance ways and even ‘accidently’ steering up a drive to take a sneaky peaky at a property has occurred more than on one occasion over the years.

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  • The Number 5 Reason for Moving - Investment and Planning for Retirement

    The fifth most common reason for moving home is planning for one's retirement. With low interest rates predicted to continue for some time, clients are looking for other ways of investing their monies as an alternative to other income streams.  Planning for the future is a key part of property ownership and buying a second home as an investment, with a view to retirement, is still an important part of the residential property market.

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  • The Number 4 Reason for Moving - Aesthetically Pleasing Properties

    In previous blogs, we explored three motivators for people moving home – education, working from home and the desire for a change in lifestyle. Another factor driving people to get in touch with us to find them a home, is the search for an aesthetically pleasing property with the frequent brief - ‘red brick, white sash windows, period, symmetrical in design’ and, if possible, ‘not listed’!!

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  • Why do former rectories have so much curb appeal?

    Former clergy houses have continued to be the most sought after properties our clients wish to own, particularly families wishing to move from London to the country. Why? Because they typify the quintessence of living in the British countryside outside of a hectic city lifestyle.

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  • When should you market your property?

    In a blog first published on 24th June on Plentific, a property information portal, Nigel Sellers of Premier Property Search was asked about his views on the best time of year to market your property.

    Traditionally, it was considered that Spring, going into the warmer summer months, was the first of two seasonal and best times to market your property with a second shorter period of Autumn, around September and October. However...." 

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  • Premier Property Search recognised as one of the UK’s Top 25 Residential Property Buyers.

    We are delighted to have been named for the second year running as one of eprivateclient’s 2015 Top 25 Residential Property Buyers. Being recognised as one of the best independent property search and buying companies in the UK is especially pleasing given that the accolade is given by a judging panel of acknowledged experts who survey a short-list of over 65 firms throughout the UK. 

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  • What to Show and Tell an Astute Buyer When They Are Viewing Your Property? – Part 2

    In the first part of this two part series we looked at the five key things an astute property buyer looks for when viewing a property to rent or buy. In this the second part we look from a vendor perspective as to what you should show and tell a prospective buyer when they visit your property.

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  • Break Through from Your Mold

    This fantastically evocative sculpture by Zenos Frudakis also simply known as ‘Freedom’ is a statement about the struggle for achievement of freedom through the creative process. It depicts a human figure evolving and emerging from cocoon-like beginnings in a wall, until three iterations later it runs free, arms aloft across the pavement.

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  • What Does a Property Buyer Look For When Viewing a Property to Rent or Buy? - Part 1

    The old ‘adage’ for a vendor or landlord to pop a pot of coffee on the stove or have the aroma of cakes or bread baking is old-hat nowadays but will this influence or persuade the buyer or future tenant?

    In this the first part of a two part series we explore what some property buyers look for when looking for a property to rent or buy.

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  • Spring Election Property Report

    In this spring election report we have tried to predict which political party will help Britain’s homeowners the most. The one common denominator amongst all political parties is that the property market and housing will be a big issue at the election on 7th May.

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  • The Number 3 Reason for Moving - Lifestyle

    In the last two blogs, we explored the biggest motivator for people moving home – education and working from home. The third most prevalent reason is the desire for a change in lifestyle and the ever-shrinking commute-time is making it possible for more families to live in the suburbs or the country and enjoying the benefits that this brings while still working in the city.

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  • The Number 2 Reason for Moving - Working from Home

    In the last blog we explored the biggest motivator for families needing to move home – education. The second most prevalent reason is that working from home is becoming more and more accepted and encouraged, meaning that working families no longer need to be so close to the office and can avoid the daily commute. 

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  • The Number 1 Reason for Moving Home - Education

    Over the last 25 years by far and away the most common reason given by our clients for moving home is that they need to move out of London to find appropriate schooling for their children – principally to private schools although in recent years we have seen an increasing tendency for our clients to be considering both state and private education.

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  • New Websites Launched

    As we approach our 25th year of business providing property search, negotiation, acquisition and corporate relocation services, we are delighted to announce and draw to your attention to the launch of our two new Property Search and Corporate Relocation web sites.

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  • The UKs Most Desirable Places To Live

    According to the recent Halifax Quality of Life Survey the district known as Hart in north-east Hampshire is occupying the top spot once again.

    It scored highly on a number of measures, including residents' health and well-being, education, employment levels, low crime rates, good weather and good broadband access. 

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  • Chong Fah Cheong First Generation

    This wonderful sculpture is called First Generation and was created by Chong Fah Cheong. First Generation was unveiled on December 31st 2000 and depicts a group of boys jumping into the Singapore River near the Fullerton Hotel. It was created as part of a series of sculptures by various sculptors, in the Open Air Interpretative Centre project by the Singapore Tourism Board.

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  • Stamp Duty Land Tax Calculator - How Much Will I Have To Pay?

    For those of you who have been left scratching your heads following the recent changes to the Stamp Duty and Land Tax (SDLT) bands we thought it would be helpful to prospective buyers to provide a SDLT calculator for easy maths!

    All you need to do is enter the purchase price of your property and press Calculate and your SDLT will be revealed.

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  • February 2015 Property Market Update

    February 2015 Property Market Update: Political turmoil dominates the residential housing market. Despite the positive spin that many property journalists and professionals are predicting, the property markets in early 2015 are bound to be dominated by one event in less than 100 days time – the General Election

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  • You have relocated your head office and now what about your staff?

    Moving house is rated as the most stressful undertaking in life second only to divorce. With this in mind you are likely to be met with some reservations and barriers by your staff to the idea of a move. It inevitably means upheaval for their family, a new home and new schools for the children, possibly a new job for the spouse, as well as an enormous amount of time and heartache in organising the entire process.

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