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Property Search Agents and Consultants

With Premier Property Search your needs are our priority. Whether you are a private client needing a Property Search Agent to find the right home for your family or a business requiring a Property Consultant with years of experience in the property field - You will find at Premier Property Search a service that will exceed your expectations. Our independence is fundamental to the quality and integrity of the service we offer.

Who can benefit from using a Property Consultant?

Individual or Private clients who do not have the time, resources or knowledge of the area they are moving to. Corporate or Business clients who need to relocate employees but do not want to use up valuable HR time, or want to outsource the whole relocation process. Anyone who believes that they could benefit from having a dedicated and experienced Property Consultant working for them.

Why use Premier Property Search?

Because you are discerning, expect a high quality of service but still want personal attention – take a look at our Case Studies to discover more. Finding properties that are; Period, Special, Complex or Unique in nature is all part of what our Residential Property Search Service can do. Having many years of experience as Property Consultants, our large array of contacts and inside knowledge means we can secure your new property at the right price.

More About Us

What our clients have said...

We originally asked Nigel to find a house for our young family.

The task was challenging for two reasons: firstly, we changed our target area within two months of the start of our search and secondly, we had to contend with difficult market conditions which resulted in a scarce supply of available housing stock within our budget.

During the summer, Nigel found an ideal family house for us and we exchanged in the autumn, for completion in the following spring. Nigel was the consummate professional throughout the process and sensitive to our changing needs. At the same time, he approached the search with a vigour and energy that - frankly - would embarrass men half his age.

He was excellent at ensuring that we felt availed of all the relevant information of the properties he had viewed on our behalf but without making us feel inundated. I cannot recommend him enough to prospective house purchasers.

Mark Whitfeld

When we first met Premier Property Search and described what we wanted I thought we were asking the impossible. But you instantly understood what we were after and your persistence on our behalf was fantastic.

Without you we would never have even known about, let alone secured, what is undoubtedly a unique opportunity for us. It is exactly what we wanted and exactly where we wanted it to be. How you managed to persuade the selling agent and eventually the owner into selling it is still a mystery to us particularly as the property was not on the open market.

We have been absolutely overwhelmed by the quality of service, the level of responsiveness, attention to detail and the proficient, considered and thorough advice you offered throughout the negotiations.

But above all this, you have been quite simply a pleasure to deal with and we will not hesitate to recommend your services to all our friends and family.

John and Claudia Arney

Although our working relationship was only for a limited time, we developed a very good understanding during that period and Penny and I thoroughly enjoyed the time we spent together making what might have been a very stressful process into an enjoyable and ultimately very rewarding experience.

Penny and I were delighted with the assistance Nigel provided us. Since we live overseas and had only a very limited amount of time to actually view properties we would never have accomplished what we did in only one full day. In preparation for our single day together Nigel carefully discussed with us and and ended up understanding very well our needs, budget, target locations etc.

Chris and Penny Allen

In securing our house, it was initially on the market for more than we could afford. We actually bought it for just over 20% less than the asking price and Nigel could claim that he negotiated that discount. He very modestly says that it was over-priced to begin with, but I really don't think that that sort of discount was all down to over-inflated pricing. He knew that if we could wait it out, we'd be OK. Waiting it out was not something I had done much of after house-hunting for so long, but then I'd never secured a house before. Who knows, the bottom line is that we bought the house we wanted at a price we were more than happy with. At the end of the negotiation process when we were fairly assured that the house was ours if we could just agree on a price, Matthew, my husband told Nigel to offer £20,000 more. Nigel, bless him, got the deal taped offering just £10,000 more. Really, negotiating by ourselves would never have done that.

Clare Bryce-Smith

Thank you and your team for all of the work you did for us over the location and purchasing of Ashe Hill. As you know, our brief laid down a number of stringent requirements, and at times we despaired of finding more then half of them in one house.

Colin McLaren

Having retained Nigel Sellers as a buying agent at the end of 2005, we were somewhat sceptical of achieving our aim in such a competitive market. Each of the properties that Mr. Sellers bought to our attention was a serious potential purchase. However within the first four months of 2006, we were delighted that he introduced us to an ideal plot that fulfilled all of our aspirations.

Dr. Andrew Fernando - Testimonial

Once again many thanks for all your help and forbearance through several twists and turns. We are naturally delighted to have exchanged and believe we have found a property in an ideal location for all our requirements, if a little close to the road!

Frank Ainscough

Extraordinary to think we have actually secured The White House! Many grateful thanks for finding it for us and for maintaining your enthusiasm down a number of long and winding roads. Carole and I feel you have earned every penny of the cheque enclosed.

Ivo Tennant

We are forever saying to each other “we could not have done this without Nigel” – and, of course, it is so very true. It was a good day when you looked in to see us and we thank you most sincerely for taking us in hand and producing The Goods at a time when there was a serious dearth of good property on the market – with fierce competition for what little there was available.

We shall always be grateful to you.

Keith and Cynthia Oldale

I would like to add my thanks to Peggy's and to also say how pleased we both were with the level of service, in the real sense of the word, that we received from Premier Property Search. The additional assistance we received on all manner of matters beyond the mere purchase of the property was invaluable.


For busy people searching outside their own area, Premier were perfect. We never had any wasted journeys and all the properties we saw fitted our search criteria.


Your attention to detail was remarkable, whether in drawing up our initial plan of introduction to Hampshire; or when we were viewing properties, where you always managed to point out topographical and structural features which we would have overlooked; or when we were putting together an offer.

In all this, you were always thinking ahead and outside the box. Where many other property agents may try to boast an equal knowledge of the area and market, I cannot believe that they would be able to match the value which you added in all these crucial respects.

Perhaps even more impressive, however, was the service you provided by way of advice and recommendations as to others who might be able to give us good and speedy professional advice and assistance with aspects of our property search.

And now we have moved into the house of our dreams. Emma and I are delighted with it, and the boys are so happy here. Thank you very, very much for making this possible. We all wish you and Barbara continued success with Premier Property Search. It is clearly the result of very hard work and long experience, and is richly deserved. We would have no hesitation in recommending Premier Property Search to any other prospective purchasers

Robert Berry

We really appreciate all of the work you’ve done in helping us fine our home and schools for the boys. The transition to living here has been so easy and that’s because of all the leg work you’ve done for us.

The Barnes Family

We enjoyed working with Nigel. He has very good knowledge of country house market in the Winchester area. His good relations with the prime estate agents ensure he gets to know about the good houses before they come onto the open market.


Nigel Sellers and Premier Property Search were of great help in finding my new house. The property was exactly what I was seeking, but was not even on the market. The owner only wanted to let it, but somehow Nigel persuaded him to sell - and at a reasonable price too!

Tony Shead

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