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Property Rental Negotiation

Property Rental Negotiation

Using a Property Rental Negotiator will save you money

Rent negotiation conducted properly will save you money

Reduce your rent by using the services of a professional property negotiation consultant to help you with your rent negotiation. Few people think about negotiating when it comes to renting a property but when you are paying in excess of £1,000 per month it makes sense to ask the question and save money. Rent negotiation for apartments and homes needs to be conducted properly, just as you would work with a property negotiator if you were buying a property.

We will use our many years of experience as well as research to put you in a strong position to negotiate. 

Your rent negotiation may also give you extra value for your money, such as providing you with newly decorated rooms, something that the landlord may not see as a large financial outlay but which will make your renting experience more pleasurable.

Research, timing and experience underpin rent negotiations

Timing can often be as important an issue as monetary considerations. This is where a professional property rent negotiator, who is realistic about the financial figures being quoted, can save you money. We have the expertise to know when more money should be offered and when to walk away. As property consultants we will gain an understanding of how long a property has been left empty and how frequently similar properties have been rented and at which price.

Research about the property, the area and the landlords will also be used to back up rent negotiations, whilst the landlords will be given information about your planned moving date, and your credit rating and/or references so they know you are a tenant they want in their property.

With this research and information you will be in a strong position for your rent negotiation.

Making rent negotiation a business discussion will yield results

Using a professional rent negotiator keeps emotions out of the equation, even if you have become attached to a property. By working with you, knowing your requirements and your total budget we can enter into discussions with the landlord or their agency in a professional business manner.

The fact that you are using a professional rent negotiator, or broker as some countries prefer to call them, shows that you are a serious tenant from the offset.

Quality tenants attract a reduced rent as landlords want people in their property that will pay promptly and be responsible. This means they will not be faced with complaints from neighbours or a huge bill for damages at the end of the rental.

Over many years there have been many reasons we have been asked to negotiate the rent of a property for a tenant, including providing the service for corporate clients moving from overseas with property unseen, but mainly our trusted, friendly and professional service comes highly recommended as we save clients’ money and help them secure the property in which they want to live.