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The Search Process

The Search Process

Property search, review and negotiation

Property Search

Being Residential Property Search specialists, means that you will receive from us a quality service which is tailored to your individual needs. We do not sell or let property and we are not estate agents, our sole aim is to find our clients the right property to meet their needs and secure it for them. Whether buying or renting, finding yourself the most suitable property and being 100% confident in your decision is a tall order; everyone knows that house hunting is time consuming and stressful.

Property Review

Finding the right property on the internet or through estate agent details is just the beginning of the property buying process for most people. Next comes the viewing of the property, which can involve several hurdles to people who are busy or not conveniently located to where the property is situated. Using our Property Review Service can assist, guide or help you through the reviewing process.

The benefits to you of using our services include:

  • Having someone to undertake the travelling to the various properties, so you don’t have to, saving you time and effort.
  • An unbiased and pragmatic viewing of the properties.
  • A full written report on the property or properties viewed, stating the strengths and weaknesses of the property, from condition, to location, to value for money.
  • Keeping your identity or situation private, for personal or professional reasons.

Property Negotiation

Knowing the current prices in the property market is a cornerstone to our business, whether for purchasing property or the rental market. Using property search specialists such as us to conduct your property negotiation means that you will be using our large amount of knowledge gained over many years in the property field to ensure you pay the right price.

The Negotiation on a property is always difficult as unlike many other purchases people become very emotionally attached to their home or wanted home. By using us to negotiate for you, you ensure that the whole transaction is treated as a business deal and so ensure you get the best possible price for your new home.

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