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Around the world in less than 80 days

Around the world in less than 80 days Mark and Jane Carter contacted Premier Property Search in September 2017 as the family were moving back to Hampshire from Melbourne after emigrating nine years previously.

They had already identified a school for their two children and needed to either buy or rent a house before Christmas 2017.  Realistically finding a house to purchase whilst also ensuring any renovation and re-decoration was carried out ready for occupation within 3 months was going to be challenging.

Viewing suitable properties when living on the other side of the world would be demanding for most but not for this client!  Mark and Jane needed the reassurance that any trips made to the UK would be worthwhile and productive, so using the service of a Property Consultant who would be able to send detailed reports via email and phone calls to discuss potential properties was vitally important. They would otherwise have had no way of finding out about any ‘off-market’ houses, let alone assessing if the houses met with their criteria and requirements.

Nigel Sellers – Director at Premier Property Search, prepared a short list of potential previewed houses and sent a detailed report, with additional photographs.  This covered houses to buy and rent, none of which were on the open market, and all required discussions with the  owners to ensure they could meet the time constraints of a move by December.

Once Mark Carter had read the reports on all four houses and had further discussions with Nigel, he immediately made plans to fly to the UK for a weekend of viewings, which were co-ordinated by Premier Property Search  

From the short list of four properties, one was discounted which left two potential houses to buy and a rental property, and the rental property required a significant amount of work prior to any tenancy commencement.  Mark flew back to Australia to discuss his thoughts with his wife Jane. Within 24 hours they emailed to say Jane was coming over the following weekend to view the houses that were of interest.  Viewing arrangements were put in place for another two day flying visit to the UK.

The outcome of the second round of viewings resulted in an offer being put forward for the rental home. The offer was conditional on the family bathroom, a separate toilet and the utility room all being replaced with new sanitary ware and the house totally decorated. It helped that the owners were property developers and had the capability and knowhow to agree and implement these improvements.  

Arrangements were then made to ship their furniture, and a rental furniture pack ordered for delivery and installation before the families arrival in December. Along with transport arrangements for the pets, Milky the dog and two cats.  

Nigel was also able to introduce Jane to another ex-client, who has children of very similar age at the same school.

"The difference you have made to our start back in the UK is immense. I don’t know that I will ever be able to fully thank you enough." Jane Carter

As for buying their permanent this space! 

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